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Harmony to Health


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My approach to Health & Healing

My approach to good health and healing is holistic- acknowledging all aspects that make up an individual- lifestyle, physical (body), subtle body(spirit), emotional\mind and mind-body connection-acknowledging how past experiences and emotions can be held in the body.

As a Five Elements practitioner my treatments are focused on achieving harmony between the five elements, which promotes good health body, mind and spirit, improving symptoms and offering preventative medicine.
I am honoured to support clients along their journey towards better health, with personal and spiritual development through life’s challenges. Below are some of the philosophies, principles and practices that inform my work.

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What to expect

The initial consultation and treatment can take up to 2 hours.

during the first session an initial consultation is carried out this is an opportunity to get to know you and assess the presenting symptom(s) of concern. After a consultation I would devise a treatment plan tailored to your needs and focusing on nourishing the root as well as relieving symptoms. The aim is to restore harmony between the elements, which promotes good health. I may further recommend Qi Gong exercises and dietary advice.

The Five Elements . elements

Chinese Five Element Philosophy

The Five-Element System was developed in ancient China in order to understand and explain different worldly phenomena. By observing the cycle of the seasons in nature, it is possible to see the five phases and how each one influences nature in different ways: WOOD (spring), FIRE (summer), EARTH (late or indian summer), METAL (autumn) and WATER (winter).

Although each phase has its different qualities, they all contribute to the endless cycle of creation. Winter, hybronation and recharge leads to the growth in spring, leads to mature in summer, leads to abundance in late summer, collect, reflect and recycle in autumn, that leads to winter again.
Nature follows laws and tendencies and through observation of the cycle of the seasons (explained above) we can understand the creation cycle:

WOOD creats FIRE

Harmony between the elements will manifest as healthy growth and reaching the full potential. However, when one of the elements is out of balance (deficient or excess) the whole cycle will be affected. For example: in a year when the winter was short and there was not sufficient water and recharge, the growth in spring will not be the same.

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An important principle from the Daoist thought is that the part equals to the whole. since we (humans) are part of nature, the chinese think of each person as a cosmos in miniature. Therefore, the five elements are present also within us and manifest as different systems and organs working in harmony.

The process of creation starts when we are in the womb, where the five energies contributes to the development of the human body. Water - kidneys, Wood - liver, Fire - heart, Earth - spleen and Metal - lungs. These are the five Yin organs.
Nature follows certain laws or tendencies, for example: spring always comes before summer, like wood tends to create fire.

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Lior Levy
[ Lic. Ac. MBAcC Accred. ]
Registered Acupuncturist & Zen Shiatsu Practitioner

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