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Acupuncture has been practiced for over 3000 years and has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment to improve various discomforts and medical conditions.
The theory consists on the concept of Qi, the vital force, or energy which flows in the meridians (energy pathways) through our body. disharmony in the flow of Qi can manifest as discomfort or disease.

During the consultation I will gather information, taking into consideration the whole state of the individual in order to determine the pattern of imbalance, understand the primary constitutional imbalance, and identify the root of the illness.

Treatment is then focused on nourishing the root, in order to achieve harmony between
the elements and improve the flow of Qi, which promotes health in the person’s
body, mind and spirit.

After a consultation the treatment involves gentle stimulation of a minimum number of
acupuncture points along the meridians, using fine needles and moxibustion. The points are
carefully chosen by the practitioner according to the individual’s needs, in order to restore health.

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Shiatsu therapy was developed in Japan and is based on the same principles as
acupuncture, but the practitioner is using human touch rather than needles.

The treatment is performed while the client is lying comfortably clothed on
a futon mattress. It involves soft manipulation, stretches, and the use of
thumbs, palms, elbows and knees to apply pressure adapted to individual needs.

Although the bodywork is very soothing, it is a deep energy treatment, which
aims to restore harmony within the body and improve the flow of Qi through
the meridians. The result: longer-term sustained benefits body, mind, spirit.

Since we all have different needs and lifestyles, the treatment is personalized
to the individual.

Benefits can be felt from the first session, however, for chronic problems
a course of treatment is recommended. Start with 4 to 6 sessions weekly and
reduce frequency according to client's feedback. The aim is to reach good health
and keep it that way for longer,

Improving the flow of Qi, releasing blocks and maintaining the body on a
monthly basis does not allow the imbalance to become chronic and manifest as


Reflexology is a form of holistic medicine, started in Egypt more than 4000 years
ago, aiming to help the body to restore its natural balance by stimulating
the deficient systems or organs through the feet. The theory behind is that
every part of our body is also reflected in the feet, and by using
different techniques the therapist stimulates reflex points mainly on the feet, which
corresponds to every part of the body.
Our feet do not get enough attention, Reflexology is a real treat, relaxing
and soothing, yet very powerful and reaches every aspect of our
body mind and spirit.

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Swedish massage

A full body massage where the emphasis is more on circulation. The treatment involves
using oil applied by the therapist using mainly the palms in various techniques.
The massage is a good way of relaxation and distressing from the every day
life, therefore it can relieve stress related symptoms. For more chronic conditions
the therapist may recommend another therapy.

Deep tissue massage

A full body massage where the emphasis is more on the deep tissue muscles
(back & legs). It differs from the Swedish massage in a way that the movements
are slower and the therapist is using a firm pressure applied by the palms
(wrists and elbows if needed), the therapist may also use soft manipulation to
joints (shoulders hips knees and ankles).

The massage is a good way of helping the body to recover from a good workout,
exercise, or being in bad posture at work for a few hours (sitting or standing
for too long). It is also beneficial to many stress related symptoms.

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Lior Levy
[ Lic. Ac. MBAcC Accred. ]
Registered Acupuncturist & Zen-Shiatsu Practitioner

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