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The Five Elements - Lior Levy 29/3/20

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The FIRE Element

In the cycle of the seasons, the Fire element corresponds to the Summer when its time to enjoy and allow our hard work during the spring to come in to bloom. The summer sun warms the heart, brings people together and allows for intimacy and connection. Its time to relate & to be in the present moment. An open heart is accompanied with vulnerability and hurt, when matured will result in appropriate protection, (heart protector), healthier relationships, and a strong sense of self, peace & Joy

-Colour: Red
-Season: Summer
-Sense: tongue/ speech
-Anatomy & Physiology: Heart, Small intestine, heart protector, Triple warmer
-Archetype : Emperor / lover and the beloved/ lion heart
-Qualities: Compassion, Compassionate leader, Sorter, peaceful, strength in vulnerability, Communication, Authenticity
Expression: (Harmony): Joy, Warmth, Intimacy, Connection
Disharmony :Hurt/hurtful , Cold, Distant, Isolated

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The WOOD Element

In the cycle of the seasons, the Wood element corresponds to the spring season when everything turns green. It gives us the hope that winter is behind us and summer is around the corner. The eyes give us the ability to see in to the future , have goals and a sense of purpose, its time for action and growth. Growth accompanied with frustration & Anger that can be transformed in to creativity and benevolence which can enable e us to move forward rather than get stuck.

-Colour: Green
-Season: Spring
-Sense: Sight
-Anatomy & Physiology: Liver & Gallbladder
-Archetype: General of the Army
-Qualities: Creativity, Future, Growth, Vision
-Expression (Harmony): flexible , decisive , purposeful, benevolence, clear plan/vision of future
-Disharmony: Rigid, Stagnated, Anger & frustration, deflated, envy, control

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The WATER Element

In the cycle of the seasons the Water element corresponds to the Winter season when nature looks barren, frozen and the daytime is short. It is time to be still, reflect and hibernate/ recharge. Water is the origin of all life and in winter, below the surface the seeds are being nourished for new beginnings. Stillness & reflection nourish new ideas to germinate.

To endure the harsh winter season one needs strength, resilience and determination to overcome fear. In our body the force of life is stored in the kidneys, where we find the adrenal glands that provide us with reserves in times of survival.

-Colour: Blue
-Season: Winter
-Sense: Hearing
-Anatomy & Physiology: Kidneys & Bladder
-Archetype: Philosopher
-Qualities: Willpower, Wisdom, Flow, Reflective, Strives for balance
-Expression (Harmony): Confident, Ambitious, Adaptable, Able to be still & reflect
-Disharmony: Insecurity, Difficulty to be still, Resistance to change, Resistance to adapt to change, frozen

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The Metal Element

In the cycle of the seasons the Metal element corresponds to the Autumn season when nature turns inwards, the trees let go of their leaves, morning white mists, crisp air. It is time to let go, recycle and retreat inwards. Letting go accompanied by sadness and grief, it is a necessary stage in growth. Emptiness and uncluttering provide clarity, inspiration and space to allow new things to come in. This process manifests in our body in every breath, letting go (breathing out) followed by fresh breath in.

-Colour: White
-Season: Autumn
-Sense: Nose / Smell
-Archetype: Sage
-Anatomy & Physiology: Lungs & Large intestine
-Qualities: Clarity, Guidance, Purity, Sharp, Accurate
-Expression (Harmony): Efficiency, High standards, Inspiration
-Disharmony: Low self esteem, Difficulty in letting go, Living in the past, Regret, Lost

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The EARTH Element

In the cycle of the seasons, the Earth element corresponds to the late summer/ harvest season where everything turns yellow. Its a time of year with a sense of comfort, satisfaction and security as our hard work pays off and all we harvest fills the larders of our outer and out inner worlds. It is time to pause and take in. Just like a loving mother gives nourishment support and understanding to her child, she also receives love and satisfaction in the process. Harmony between give and take is key to enhance the qualities of the earth element.

in our body it is the digestive system (stomach and spleen) that takes in, processes and transforms food in to energy and Nourishes out body, Mind & Spirit.

-Colour: Yellow
-Season: Late Summer
-Sense: Taste
-Anatomy & Physiology: Stomach, Spleen
-Archetype: Mother / Maternal / Paternal figure
-Qualities: Stability, Sustainability, Abundance, Fertile
-Expression -Harmony : Stability, Giving, Sympathetic, Balance between give & take
-Disharmony: Self centred, Needy, Worry

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